1. Attach an image of Cambodia’s flag

2. What continent is Cambodia in?

Cambodia is in Asia.

3. What is the capital city?

The capital city is Phnom Penh.

4. Is Cambodia in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere?

Cambodia is in the Northern Hemisphere.

4. What is the population?

There are 16.01 million people live in Cambodia.

5. What is the national language? Is there more than one?

There are more than one language in Cambodia ,the national language is Cambodian.

6. What is the currency?

Cambodia’s currency is Cambodian riel.

7. What is one connection Cambodia has with Australia?

In the 1970s, Australia received large numbers of Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees.

8. What is one interesting fact about Cambodia?

The custom of women marrying men is deeply entrenched.

9. List all countries that share a border with Cambodia including their location.

Thailand,Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines.


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